Economic Development

The Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council Economic Development Strategy (EDS) is the culmination of extensive research and consultation with our local business community and with government and non-government partners. A dynamic economic development delivery framework HV2023 has been created to guide sustainable economic growth for Hope Vale.

The EDS and HV2023 framework focuses on five pillars:

  • Training, Employment and Education
  • Business development
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture, Environment and Sustainability
  • Happy Township

The EDS includes a set of strategies and priority actions for the region to 2021, is the second in a series of five-year plans. It builds on the foundation set in 2014 and focus on raising the profile of the region and building the capacity of individuals, potential business owners and extending our tourism, innovation and sustainability reach.

To support our endeavours Council has developed Advance Hope Vale, our business and partnership prospectus. Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council is building an economy based on a clear five-year economic blueprint. Our message is clear – Hope Vale wants to collaborate around infrastructure investment and industries and technology of tomorrow and invest, most importantly, in our people.

Council and its partners are committed to playing an active role in achieving economic wellbeing and quality of life for the communities. The Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council Economic Development Strategy will guide Council in shaping that future and working towards a Happy Township.

The Hope Vale region provides for more than just a lifestyle - it aims to be an innovative region where people want to live, work and grow their business.

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