Development & Building

  • The focus for our community and land use planning is sensible sustainable development that retains the desirable characteristics of our local lifestyle, culture and provides a basis for balanced growth.

    Council has a responsibility to ensure appropriate planning is undertaken and adhered to for fair and equitable development. This involves ensuring construction or alterations of buildings and structures (including signs) meet building and town planning requirements.

    Property owners have an obligation to follow the procedures and processes needed to ensure safe development. Before undertaking any construction or alterations on your property, you will need to understand your responsibilities. All development applications must be completed using approved forms.

    Please check your requirements with Council staff before undertaking any works.

    Planning and development manuals for the region are available from the Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils (FNQROC) website.

  • Planning on building or doing renovations?

    Before beginning any type of work on buildings or structures, including new constructions, garages, carports, swimming pools, or erecting awnings, you are obliged to submit an application with plans and specifications for assessment and approval. Once you receive an official development approval or decision notice work may commence.

    Works include erecting, adding to or altering, demolishing, removing or relocating any structures on your property.

    Relevant legislation is available from the Department of Infrastructure and Planning website:

    Development Application Forms:

    • IDAS Development Application - Form 1
    • IDAS Development Application - Form 2 (must accompany Form 1)
    • IDAS guides & checklists

    Building Forms:

    • Application for certificate of classification for a building or structure built before 30 April 1998/change of classification - Form 13
    • Compliance certificate for building design or specification - Form 15
    • Inspection certificate/aspect certificate/Queensland Building Services Authority Licensee Certificate - Form 16
    • Request for building information - Form 19
    • Notice of discontinuance of engagement - Form 22
    • Reminder notice for the lapsing of an approval - Form 57
    • Notice for inspection for a stage of building work - Form 58
    • Notice to inspect/test special fire services - Form 59
    • Notice to referral agency to inspect - Form 60
    • Request to change an existing approval

    Plumbing Forms:

    •  Application for Compliance Assessment - Form 1
    • Verification of Covered Work - Form 3
    • Notifiable Minor Work - Form 4
    • Notification of Responsible Person - Form 7
    • Notification of Compliance on-site Sewerage Work - Form 8

    Other useful websites include:

    Please contact Council before proceeding with any building work.

    Sustainable housing 

    The Queensland Government has introduced new sustainable housing laws to improve the water and energy efficiency of our homes and encourage smarter design.

    Pool Fencing

    A comprehensive review of Queensland’s pool safety laws effective 5 June 2009 involves a two-staged improvement strategy aimed at reducing the number of immersion injuries and drownings of young children in Queensland pools. Click here for further details and legislation.

  • Planning on installing new Plumbing or renovating your bathroom?

    You may need to lodge a Plumbing Application. You can access the plumbing forms you will need from the Queensland Government DIP webpage.

  • The Hope Vale Planning Scheme has been adopted by Council and gazetted in the Local Government Gazette on 29th August 2014.

    Hope Vale Planning Scheme