Your Council

Hope Vale Councillors & CEO


It is important for the community to be aware of the roles of the Mayor, Councillors and CEO, as set out in the Local Government Act 2009.


Role of the Mayor

  • Run council meetings
  • Carry out civic and ceremonial duties in the community and for visitors
  • Exercise functions as decided by the council
  • Perform, where necessary, the functions of the council between meetings

Role of the Mayor and Councillors

Governance Role:

  • Direct and control council business in accordance with the Local Government Act
  • Help achieve the best allocation of council budget for the benefit of the community
  • Help to create and review council policies and objectives and criteria elating to the exercise of the council's regulatory functions
  • Review the performance of the council and its delivey of services and the corporate and operational plans and revenue policy of the council

Elected Role:

  • Represent the interest of the community by listening and acting on any concerns
  • Provide leadership and guidance to the community
  • Make the communication between the community and teh council easier
  • Attend council meetings
  • Appoint the CEO

Role of the CEO

The CEO is employed by the council and is generally responsible for its effecient operation and to ensure the implementation of the decisions of the council.

  • Manage the day-to-day council business and direct the staff
  • Help with such functions of the council as are delegated by the council
  • Appoint staff in accordance with organisational structure and budget approved by the council

Every four years residents democratically elect a Mayor and four Councillors as community representatives. The next Local Government election will be held in 2020. Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council consists of the following elected members:

Greg McLean
Governance, Disaster Management and Land.
  • Law and Justice
  • Council Administration
  • Disaster Management
  • Land
June Pearson
Deputy Mayor
Community Well Being
  • Health
  • Aged Care
  • Disabilities
  • Church
Barry Bowen
Economic Development / Sport & Recreation
  • Employment
  • Economic Development
  • Sport and Recreation
Bruce Gibson
Infrastructure Services
  • Building Projects
  • Essential Services
  • Animal Management and Environmental Health
  • Civil Construction (inc NDRRA)
Selina Bowen
Education and Training
  • Kindergarten
  • Child Care
  • Education
  • Training
  • Youth Development