Hope Vale township is situated 46km north west of Cooktown and is located in a valley surrounded by tropical native bushland, mountain ranges, pristine coastal and diverse flora and fauna, Hope Vale has a population of approximatley 1500 people.

Hope Vale is home to thirteen clan groups who mostly speak Guugu Yimithirr and other related languages, as well English.

Hope Vale has a range of community services including:

  • Community: Child Care Centre, Community Justice Group, Home & Community Care, PCYC, Womens Shelter
  • Education: Kindergarten, Primary School
  • Facilities: BRACS, Indigenous Knowledge Centre, Lutheran Church, SES
  • Health: Aged Care, Health Centre, Thaunn Disability Services, Well Being Centre
  • Retail: Butcher Shop, Cafe, Service Station, Sparks Car Rental, Supermarket
  • Tourism: Arts & Cultural Centre, Elim camp ground, Guurrbi Tours, Maaramaka Walkabout Tours

Department of Main Roads have upgraded the Endeavour Valley Road between Hope Vale and Cooktown to an all-weather access. There is now only 13 kilometres of un-sealed road between Hope Vale and Cooktown, making access for tourists and visitors to Hope Vale a scenic and enjoyable drive.


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 Council approved its 2016/2017 budget at its monthly meeting held on 20th July 2016. Someof the highlights of the budget are in the attachment document. 

COUNCIL APPROVES 2016/2017 BUDGET (click here)




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