Street Name and Numbering System


Public Notice: Street Name and Numbering System for Hope Vale

The Council and State Government have carried out a street name and numbering system for Hope Vale.

Links to the Location Addressing Fact Sheet is here.

The project outcome is to provide a permanent and recognised system to identify where people live and for businesses to have an official address. A series of maps have been produced to show the result of this work.

These maps indicate the Street name and number of each lot/property as it relates to where people live, vacant lots and where you can find a business operating.

To ensure every property in the Hope vale Area has a description these maps are being used to consult with the public to inform them of the actual legal street address of every property and to ensure there are no errors in the work undertaken to date.

These maps are also available for viewing at the Council office.

When the consultation process is concluded the Council will consider any changes required and then forward the mapping to the State Department of Natural Resources and, Mines and Energy for registration.

Please forward any comments to the following email address by 31 March, 2021:

Mark Kelleher, Chief Executive Officer