A community consultation session will be held at the Council meeting room. There will be a range of ways to give your input and have your say on the proposed changes to the Alcohol Management Plan and the revision of Council’s Community Safety Plan. Come anytime between 2pm – 6pm Monday 2 November 2020

Snacks will be provided between 5-6 pm.

See a video message from Councillors on Community Consultations Monday 2 November 2020 here.

See poster invitation here.

HVASC AMP and CSP Survey

AMP CSP Survey is open until 05/11/20 – a period of eight weeks. Complete the Survey here.

Hard copies of the survey are available at Council administration office.

More information on consultations will be posted to Council’s Facebook page, on this website and on posters around Hope Vale as planning progresses.

Listen to a message from Mayor Jason Woibo here.

Listen to a message from Cr Barry Bowen here.


The Queensland Government finished reviewing AMPs in mid-2019. A “renewed approach to alcohol management” has been developed which builds on the Review’s findings.

It prioritises community safety and highlights a need for AMPs that are community-led, developed and implemented.

The objective of the renewed approach is to ensure communities and individuals are safe, thriving and self-empowered to manage and reduce alcohol-related harm.

The renewed approach keeps carriage limits and through a partnership between DATSIP, Councils, stakeholders and communities it seeks to:

• Co-design new Community Safety Plans and other initiatives and strategies that reduce alcohol demand

• target illicit alcohol (sly grog and homebrew)

• build community capacity and readiness for any changes.

Between mid-September and early November Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council will consult with the community to:

• identify community attitude to minor changes to carriage limits, and

• find ways to promote a safe and healthy culture and attitude towards alcohol including through legal liquor licensing options.

Outcomes of the consultations, including any proposed minor revisions to the AMP, and the new Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council Community Safety Plan will be submitted to the Qld Government.

The government will review any changes to carriage limits on a case-by-case basis and provided that a Community Safety Plan is in place – potentially revise AMPs to reflect the outcomes and results of co-design and community engagement.

Any supply, demand and harm reduction services identified as part of the co-design process with communities will be assessed for implementation by the Government.

For more information on the Qld Governments renewed approach to alcohol management click here